Metrolinx, the City and TTC are all working together to plan major projects aimed at improving the overall transit network.


Five major transit initiatives are all interrelated:



Other projects are also planned or under construction:



We are currently in the process of undertaking the integrated assessment of these projects through detailed ridership modelling. Work on each project will inform the analysis of the other projects.


An Updated Transportation Model


An updated transportation model will help us understand how each project is related.


Key features of the GTAModel V4.0 model include:


  • Covers the entire Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area
  • Calibrated using current travel survey information
  • Explicitly represents individuals and households
  • Trips are modelled for entire 24-hour week-day time period (using five time periods)
  • Considers crowding effects on the transit system and fare differences


Co-ordinated Public Engagement


The City, TTC and Metrolinx are together engaging the public on the SmartTrack concept (including the Eglinton West SmartTrack corridor), GO Regional Express Rail, Relief Line and Scarborough Subway Extension.


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