As part of the planning process, the City and TTC are conducting a study to review route alignment options and station locations for the Scarborough Subway Extension. The City and TTC are committed to balancing the need to work quickly with careful, thorough, diligent and professional analysis, knowing that timely planning for the Scarborough Subway Extension will contribute to building the great City we all want to live in.


How Will The Study Unfold?


The study will be completed through four key phases; the first three phases are described as the Scarborough Subway Project Assessment Study and the final phase is the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP).





























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Setting the Stage – Phase 1

During Phase 1 of the Scarborough Subway Project Assessment Study we introduced the study objectives and approach, and began to understand the existing conditions within the study area that will be considered throughout the planning process.


We also identified corridor options for the subway extension and confirmed the evaluation criteria used to evaluate the options available to us (like corridors, alignments and station locations).


Choosing the Corridor – Phase 2

Before the alignment (or route) for the Scarborough Subway Extension and station location are chosen, we must first identify a preferred corridor to focus our studies within. A corridor is a broad band of land in which specific alignment options will be developed.


The corridor options currently under consideration connect Kennedy Station and Scarborough Centre.


A preferred corridor will be selected by applying the finalized Evaluation Criteria using the methodology established. This preferred corridor will then be further studied through Phase 2 to identify a ‘short list’ of station location options and possible alignments.


Each of the corridors under consideration is found within the area of Scarborough currently being studied. A map of the Scarborough Subway Project Assessment Study area is provided.
































Recommending the Alignment and Station Locations – Phase 3

During Phase 3 of the Scarborough Subway Project Assessment Study, the short list of station location options and possible alignments will undergo a detailed analysis to better understand the potential environmental impacts and the measures that could be taken to reduce or mitigate those impacts. This analysis will result in the selection of a preferred alignment and station location.


At the end of Phase 3, a draft Environmental Project Report identifying the recommended station location and alignment will be prepared. Permission to begin the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) for final project review will be sought from the TTC Board and Toronto City Council.


Final Project Review, The Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) – Phase 4
Phase 4 of the Scarborough Subway Project Assessment Study will satisfy the Environmental Assessment Act using a TPAP. In this Phase, we will summarize and review the analysis and decision-making of the project assessment, finalize the Environmental Project Report, and seek authority from Toronto City Council and the Province of Ontario to proceed with construction of the Scarborough Subway Extension.


We expect the TPAP to begin in mid to late 2017. This process will provide additional opportunity for public review and input. Based on any further input received, the Environmental Project Report will be finalized, and a Statement of Completion will be published and submitted to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. The City will be able to proceed with implementation of the subway extension following the direction of the Minister.


More information about Ontario's Transit Project Assessment Process:



Scarborough Subway Project Assessment Study Area Map.
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